Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV

Since the internet boom all over the world, people started moving towards OTT platforms. What about televisions content? There a lot of IPTV (Internet Protocol Televisions) platforms available on the internet to watch all your favorite television shows using IPTV. But, we made it easy for you and created a list of 7 best IPTV apps for Apple TV you can download and continue your entertainment without any interruption.

To determine IPTV in simple words, it is a platform that helps in delivering the television content over the Internet Protocol (IP) network. Using IPTV app an user can continuously stream the source media.

IPTV apps are becoming popular day by day, it provide subscribers with a reliable and secure delivery network to watch entertainment videos along with Interactive TV (ITV), Video On Demand (VOD) and Live TV. An IPTV app user can access and watch Live TV anytime via internet.

So, without any further delay lets check out the list of 7 best IPTV apps for Apple TV you can install.

List Of 7 Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV

1. TVIPTV Smarters – IPTV Player

TVIPTV Smarters – IPTV Player

We can say TVIPTV Smarters is one those applications that run on almost all the devices such as smartphones, computer, or TV. The app has its own unique set of features with some limitations. The player lets you create a playlist of your own favorite channels that you can watch anywhere and anytime. The app also offers premium monthly and yearly subscriptions.


  • The app supports M3U playlists and Multi EPG.
  • You can Bookmark your favorites channel.
  • You can stream and cast your channel to a Smart TV.


  • Player doesn’t provide you any content or playlist of its own.

2. GSE Smart IPTV

Price: Free+

GSE Smart IPTV app is a perfect package of all the services and features a user need in a streaming platform. GSE is an advanced IPTV solution for live and non-live TV/stream. With a strong player built-in the app supports most formats, like RTMP, you have a lot of choices available. There is no need to find a third-party player that support these formats.


  • Supports all the formats including JSON and RTMP.
  • You can export database playlist to M3U format.
  • The app support subtitles in .srt formats.


  • With the free edition, ads can be a little annoying at times.
  • No frequent updates for bug fixes.

3. IP Television – IPTV M3U

IP Television IPTV M3U
‎IP Television - IPTV M3U
Price: 1,99 €+

IP Television lets you watch foreign networks, international broadcasters, and on demand TV on your iPhone, iPad and Apple tv also. Its an easy to use app with a ton of features due to its fast and intuitive interface. Its the perfect alternative of GSE Smart IPTV because the developers provide regular updates for the app. The app uses the VLC player to playback movies stably.


  • Purchase once and use on all your apple devices.
  • The app get constant updates.


  • You have to purchase a monthly subscription to access EPG.

4. IPTV Player

IPTV Player play m3u playlis‪t

The IPTV Player app is most alike the other apps we mentioned above but make it place in the list because of its some unique features. The app lets you synchronize channels playlist into your account to use on multiple devices. The coolest feature of app automatically scan, load and preview channel in your playlist.


  • The player supports built-in DVR.
  • You can create, edit, and share playlist with your friends.
  • The Built-in WiFi transfer feature sync playlist with your computer.


  • App does not contain any default Playlist and TV channel.

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5. Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Cloud Stream IPTV Player is the most popular and feature pack IPTV app for ios. The app lets you share lists between multiple devices using Airdrop, messages, and mails. Although most of the best features can only be unlocked by opting for a paid version such as Chromecast, Background playback, Parental control, External Player, Sync playlists but are worth buying.


  • You can play multicast streams through a UDP proxy.
  • The app support M3U as well as M3U8 formats.
  • Switch subtitles and secondary audio if channel allow.


  • Most of the exciting features are only for paid users.
  • The app does not provide any default playlist.

6. iPlayTV

iPlayTV IPTV M3U Playe‪r‬

One thing that make this app to be in the list is its beautiful content organizing feature. The app organizes your playlist in a beautiful manner which makes it the most easy to use app in the list. The app include all the features a user need in a IPTV player, but there no free version of the app is available on the apple store.


  • Highly intuitive and best user interface experience.
  • Supports multiple audio and subtitles tracks.
  • Supports almost all the IPTV playlists.


  • Only paid version of the app is available on apple store.
  • App does not provide any playlist.

7. SPB TV World

SPB TV World

Last but not the least, SPB TV World app is the one of the best free IPTV player. The app offers 150+ Live TV channels on any apple device and app covers almost all the categories. The parental control feature of the app will make TV safe for children. The app lets you sync your watch progress across all devices once you sign up.


  • Listen to TV with audio only mode and save internet data.
  • Watch TV at the same time by using the TV Guide.
  • The app channels broadcast in 14 languages.


  • Availability of channels may vary depending on the country.

Summing Up

So, the list of best IPTV apps for apple tv ends here. Find the perfect IPTV app from the list and start streaming your favorite TV shows without any disruption. Share these apps with your family and friends too so there streaming journey won’t stop. Check out our other posts for the latest tech content and Best Of Guides.