Airplay Not Working On Roku TV – (Try These First)

How To Fix Airplay Not Working On Roku TV

AirPlay is a wireless technology that enables users to stream music and video content from Apple devices to other devices that are connected to the same network. 

AirPlay allows you to stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your Roku TV. If AirPlay is not working on your Roku TV, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue.

Is Roku TV And AirPlay Compatible?

Yes, Roku TV is compatible with AirPlay. However, there are a few things you need to do in order to get it to work properly. First, you’ll need to confirm that AirPlay and your Roku TV are both compatible. 

The majority of Roku TVs use Google Cast to cast content from Android devices. Only a small number of Roku Smart TV devices support Apple AirPlay.

If your Roku TV doesn’t support AirPlay, you won’t be able to stream content from Apple devices. Before you try any of the methods mentioned below, make sure your Roku TV is AirPlay ready.

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How To Fix AirPlay On Roku TV?

If you’re having trouble getting AirPlay to work on your Roku TV, there are a few things you can try:

1. Check If AirPlay Is Turned On

The first thing you should do is check the settings on your Roku TV. Make sure that AirPlay is enabled in the menu and that your Apple device is listed as an available source. If AirPlay is enabled but your device isn’t listed, try restarting both your Roku TV and your Apple device.

2. Restart Your Roku TV

If AirPlay is turned on and you’re still having trouble, try restarting your Roku TV. This can often fix minor glitches that may be causing the AirPlay connection to fail.

  1. First, disconnect all External Devices connected to the TV.
  2. Now, Turn off your Roku Smart TV.
  3. Unplug the power cable from your TV.
  4. Before plugging the TV back into the power outlet, wait 60 seconds.
  5. Now, turn on your Roku TV.

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3. Restart Your WIFI Router

If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your WiFi router. This will reset the connection between your Roku TV and your WiFi network, which may fix the problem.

Additionally, perform a reset on your iPhone, and Mac network settings and reset the TV device list; you should not face any issues connecting your Roku TV to AirPlay again after taking these steps.

4. Update Roku TV Firmware

If you’re using a Roku TV, you may need to update the firmware in order to use AirPlay. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to your Roku Smart TV “Settings”.
  2. Select the “System” option.
  3. Navigate to the “System Update” option.
  4. Click on “Check Now” for Firmware updates.

If there is no firmware update available for your Roku TV then one of our other troubleshooting tips below might help you out.

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5. Try A Different Network

If you’re still having trouble, try connecting your Roku TV to a different WiFi network. This will rule out any potential problems with your home network.

Furthermore, ensure that your Apple device and Roku TV are both connected to the same network—not an ad hoc or extension network.

6. Remove All Paired AirPlay Devices From TV

If you’ve paired multiple AirPlay devices with your Roku TV, try removing them all and then pairing just your Apple device. This can often fix connection issues.

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Roku Smart TV.
  2. Scroll down and click on Apple AirPlay.
  3. Navigate to the “Devices” tab.
  4. Remove all paired devices you don’t want AirPlay connecting with.

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7. Reset Your Roku Smart TV

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having trouble, you can try resetting your Roku TV. This will restore your TV to its factory settings and may fix the problem.

  1. Press Menu on your Roku TV remote.
  2. Navigate to Support and then click on Enter/OK/Select.
  3. Select Self Diagnosis and Press Enter.
  4. Click on the Reset button.
  5. Enter your security PIN to reset.

Wrapping Up

AirPlay is a fantastic feature that allows you to stream content from your phone or laptop to your Roku TV in seconds. However, some users have encountered issues with using AirPlay on their Roku TVs.

Just follow the troubleshooting instructions above if you’re having difficulties getting AirPlay to work on your Roku TV. These methods will help you in addressing the issue without wasting too much time and effort.

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