How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301

Suppose you are watching your favorite movie or TV show, and all of a sudden, the program gets terminated with the Hulu error code 301. It’s just the worst scenario, and you’d need the service back on as soon as possible. Don’t fear, though; we now have the solution that can get you on Hulu as quickly as the error appeared.

The error 301 has quite a lot of causes from corrupted or overwritten cookies/ cache, a sluggish web connection, DNS server issue, plenty of devices using Hulu from the same account, or because of a time and date misconfiguration. Now that we all know the reason for the error, the fix is quite easy. Let’s proceed to fix the problem.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301

How to Fix Hulu Error 301?

How To fix Hulu Error Code 301 issue

Step 1: Restart the System and Devices for Networking

Step 2: Turn off and disconnect your streaming device and network gear completely.

Step 3: Now, leave your devices for a few minutes.

Step 4: After that, reconnect the device, switch it on, and verify if a playback error still exists in Hulu.

Step 5: If the issue still exists, just disconnect unwanted devices to Fix Hulu Error Code 301

Step 6: Try disconnecting pointless devices and network devices like smartphones, game equipment, or different computers connected to your network.

Step 7: Make sure that your network is secure by verifying that no unwanted devices around you’re connected without your consent.

There are numerous advanced features out there to prioritize the signal traffic in your streaming video. You should purchase one of them.

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Take A Look At Your Internet Connection Speed

  • Everyone knows how irritating a sluggish internet connection can be. This is how you can test the performance of your internet.
  • Hulu would possibly stutter and decrease the speed of the video in case your internet connection is slow as standard Hulu video requires 3.0 Mbps and 8.0 Mbps while watching Live TV.
  • You should perform an internet speed test in case you are doubtful about your internet connection speed.

Look Over To Router Settings

  • In case you have already set the advanced feature that prioritizes various kinds of traffic, then attempt connecting the Hulu device first.
  • Try to change the (DNS) domain name server settings of your WiFi router.
  • You can easily find a guide on “how to change the DNS” on the internet.
  • Try Switching to a Wired Connection instead of a wireless connection to Fix Hulu Error Code 301.

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Connect Your Device To An Ethernet Cable Or A Router

  • While streaming on Hulu using a WiFi would possibly create a problem sometimes. So try switching to the wired connection or move your device closer to the router.
  • However, quite recently, there are a number of reports during which users cannot watch any videos, and “Error code 301” appears as soon as they are attempting to stream movies.
  • Error messages aren’t invariably helpful as soon as Hulu stops working. One of the most frequent error messages signifies that a playback failure has occurred. This message is often seen on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and streaming devices such as Vizio, LG, and other smart TVs.


In case you continue to have a Hulu playback blunders, ultimately, to fix Hulu error code 301, all you can do is to delete or reset the Hulu app of your device.

I hope you understand all the steps discussed above to Fix Hulu error code 301. If case you have any questions related to this post, let us know in the comments section below. Share this with your friends and check out our other posts for the latest how-to-guides and tech content.

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