How To Play Call Of Duty: Mobile On Computer

On October 1, the famous action game Call Of Duty was released for mobile and quickly gain popularity with more than 20 million installs in just twenty-four hours. Call Of Duty is also developed by Tencent and follows the footstep of Pubg Mobile, so it doesn’t allow you to use a Gamepad. You can only play it using touch controls. However, I found the right way to play COD on the PC using a controller. Let’s go through it.


Call of Duty: Mobile in a Computer


Now before you go to install any other Android emulator in your smartphone to play COD, let me tell you the COD only supports touch inputs, and you probably find it hard to play Call Of Duty using an emulator. The Gameloop emulator is specially designed for play smartphone games on a PC, and you can easily trick the game thinking that you are playing the game on a smartphone.


Download and install the Gameloop installer from the Gameloop website using this link. After you set it up on your computer, it starts installing the Virtual Machine and then the game. In my case, it took 15 minutes on 10 Mbps connections to complete the installation, so the file size of COD to be around 1 GB, while the emulator size should be around 3 GB.


After the game is successfully installed, you’d get to see the Window with a Play Button. Just click the Play Button, and the game will starts loading. Now you would be able to control it like regular COD using a keyboard and a mouse.

The best thing about this Gameloop emulator is that you can also play games on it with a PS4 and Xbox controller. Mouse and Keyboard controls are already programmed in the emulator, you’d have to manually map every key on the screen for the PS4 and Xbox controller. You can easily map keys by clicking the keyboard controls button on the right pane and selecting the Gamepad option instead of the keyboard.

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My Opinion On Gameloop Emulator


I played Call Of Duty using the Keyboard and the Controller, and both of them work quite well. However, the COD runs quite heavy and consumes noticeable resources of your computer. You easily can save the progress of your game by logging into your Facebook account.

I prefer to play COD on the PC, and it is a better way of playing the game, I am not sure if Activision and Tencent would allow you to play the game for long once they figure out that the COD Mobile is emulated?

Try this and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below about this method of playing Call Of Duty Mobile on PC.

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