Fortnite Rule 34, 33, 32, 31, 30 & More Explained

Fortnite Rule 34 And Codes Of Conduct Explained
Fortnite Rule Number 34 And Other Codes Of Conduct Explained

What are Fortnite rules? What is Fortnite rule 34? Let me explain. So, if you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while now, you probably have heard some of the reports about the rules. You might also have read one of these on Reddit when it was popular 6 months ago. 

However, if you’re just getting into Fortnite right now, then keep reading. The first thing to know is that there are many rumors and false stories about the rules in Fortnite.

But we’ll clear that up right now and bring you all the critical Fortnite rules in order. There are 14 most essential rules in Fortnite that you should know about Rules 12, 13, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 63, 64, and 69.

Fortnite Rule 34 And Codes Of Conduct Explained

What Is Fortnite Rule 34?

Rule 34 Fortnite says that there is adult content related to the game spreading online. Rule number 34 appears to be allowed inside the Epic Games content guidelines and is not only related to Fortnite but also to every other video game available on the Epic Store.

Rule 35 is connected to rule 34 in Fortnite. If you see rule 35, it means that, while rule 34 is not currently relevant, it will be soon.

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12 Most Important Fortnite Rules That You Should Know About

What Is Fortnite Rule 34?

Here’s we have combined and explained all other major Fortnite rules in 2023:

Fortnite Rule 12

According to Fortnite’s 12th rule, everything a player says can be used against them. Consider what you’re going to say before you say it over the mic or write it into the in-game chat.

Fortnite Rule 13

Everything a Fortnite player says, according to Rule 13, can be transformed into something different. Just one angry comment might turn you into a meme – It can be good or bad.

Fortnite Rule 23

According to Fortnite rule 23, each action a player take must be approved by a majority of the party members. For example, determining which mode to play, removing a squad member, or directing where to drop.

Fortnite Rule 24

As far as rule 24 goes, all Fortnite players have the right to intervene. Although it might be irritating when some players join a shootout in full health and late, it is an accepted component of the game and should not be criticized.

Fortnite Rule 30

There is an easy way to disprove rule 30 in Fortnite, as it states girls don’t play online. As both males and females enjoy this game, it’s clear that girls are playing online.

Fortnite Rule 31

In order to compete in some competitive events, players must be at least the age of 13 years or older, according to rule 31 in the Fortnite rule book.

Fortnite Rule 32

Fortnite rule 32 says that if you are bragging about your gameplay in a specific game. You have to provide some proof to claim such as a video clip or photo of that event.

Fortnite Rule 33

According to rule 33, Fortnite players should avoid making excessive comments during a game. This is to eliminate offensive comments and harm the sentiments of other players.

Fortnite Rule 37

According to Fortnite rule 37, no matter how horrible a situation looks to be, another player has it far worse. Have you ever lost a game because you were lagging all over the place? Some players just lost connection to the server, resulting in the loss of their Victory Royale.

Fortnite Rule 63

As per Fortnite rule 63, every male and female character has their gender-swap versions available in Fortnite. This implies that there is a fan-made VERGE as a lady somewhere on the internet.

Fortnite Rule 64

According to Rule 64, there are alternate universe (AU) versions of Fortnite. This is undoubtedly correct, as the Fortnite multiverse is an integral component of the game’s continuous narrative.

Fortnite Rule 69

According to rule 69 in Fortnite, when this number appears in-game or about the game on social media you should reply in a kind manner.

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Fortnite Code Of Conduct

In addition to the unwritten rules of Fortnite, the game features a set of community norms that players must follow in order to avoid suspension or permanent bans. The Fortnite Code of Conduct outlines how players should interact in-game in order to maintain the safety and respect of all platform users.

Fortnite Code Of Conduct

Personal Info – You are not permitted to disclose the personal information of other users. Only display names are permitted. Refrain from providing your own information as well.

Impersonation – You are not permitted to impersonate another user. You cannot claim credit for someone else’s work.

Cheating and Trolling – All players must play fairly and avoid promoting cheats or bugs.

Intolerance and Discrimination – Hatred and discrimination against others are not permitted.

Bullying and Harassment – You must respect other players in chat and combat, bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

Scams and Deceptive Practices – It is forbidden to take advantage of other gamers.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities – You should not engage in risky or unlawful activity. This includes gambling, drug usage, and phishing.

Inappropriate Content – Avoid uploading unsuitable stuff that will make it difficult for other players to have a good time.

Although Fortnite has published its community guidelines, gamers should exercise caution because not everything is included.

What Happens If I Get Reported On Fortnite?

What Happens If I Get Reported On Fortnite?

Epic Games will take necessary action against your account if you or other users are reported for breaking Fortnite’s community standards and guidelines. 

Your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended if you have been reported for breaking their code of conduct.

If you are reported for a minor offense or it is your first offense, you may merely receive a warning.

If you have been reported many times or detected cheating, a permanent ban will be imposed.

Breaking the regulations in a tournament may result in a temporary ban of up to 30 days. This will vary depending on your actions in each situation.

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Wrapping Up

Rules can seem a bit constraining when you first come across them but as we see, some rules do matter. Fortnite is generally a very open and playful game capable of entertaining thousands at a time but there are still certain boundaries that should not be crossed. 

If you are new to this game, take the time to read through these rules, they are here to help make sure everyone has a good time online. 

We hope that after reading this complete introduction to Fortnite’s unwritten rules and community standards, you now understand what Fortnite rule number 34 is, as well as all the others, and that you may continue playing Fortnite without fear of being reported.


Can you get banned for false reporting in Fortnite?

Repeated false reporting will be considered spam by Fortnite, and the account will be frozen for a short period to avoid future damage.

Does Fortnite ban IPs or accounts?

Players who violate the community guidelines may have their IP address blacklisted, preventing their devices from connecting to the Fortnite servers. Epic Games normally only bans certain IP addresses of players.

How do I unban my Fortnite account?

Open the Epic Games website on your browser and click on Contact Us. Login to your account and you will be redirected to a ticket submission page. Fill up the form and select the gaming device you got banned from. Now, describe the issue and reason you deserve to get unbanned in detail and submit the request.

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