How To Save Your Progress In GTA 5

You don’t have to worry about losing your progress in GTA 5, because you can quickly save the progress In GTA 5, you have two options for saving your progress.

Many gamers believe that GTA 5 is the finest video game of all time, and the fictitious city of Los Santos provides all GTA 5 players with a vast universe to explore. Aside from that, players are given tasks and objectives to do in order to advance in the game.

GTA 5 gamers spend a staggering amount of time to the game. You can ensure that your progress in GTA 5 is not lost if you have been playing for too long and need to return to the real world to get actual job done.

Two Methods To Save Your Progress In GTA 5

1. Take A Nap

Save Your Progress In GTA 5 While Sleeping

If you are a beginner you use these two methods to ensure that your GTA 5 progress is not lost. You can save the game in two ways, and you can choose any one.

Simply taking a sleep will save your progress in GTA 5. To do this you must go to the nearest safe-house and take a nap. When you reach the bed, you will be given the choice of sleeping. You can take a nap  by pressing the right directional pad button.

This will save the progress of your current game. When you awaken, you will notice that a couple of hours are gone. It takes six hours if you’re playing with Michael, eight hours with Franklin and twelve hours for Trevor. Get up and keep playing!

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2. Use Cell Phone

Save Your Progress In GTA 5 Using Cell Phone

If you don’t want to wait for a couple of hours to save your progress in GTA 5. Here is a second and easy method available for you.

If you are using the second method to save progress in GTA 5, you must bring up your cell phone. You can save progress of your current game by hitting ‘Up’ on directional pad or ‘T’ on your keyboard. In case you are using a console. You have to click on the icon shown by a cloud with an arrow.

Using this method you can ‘Quick Save’ your progress in GTA 5. Time will not pass, and the character will remain at the same location in the game.

Wrapping Up

So, you see how easy it is to save your progress in GTA 5. If the methods above are useful to you, please share your knowledge with your friends and keep gaming. For the most latest How To Guides and tech updates, see our other articles. You may also find me on Twitter at @Amanpanchal0.