How To Edit A TikTok Video After Posting (Text, Caption)

A lot of video editing on TikTok is done before the video goes live. You’ll be able to add effects when you record the video or before you post it online. Nonetheless, in case your video is already posted, you’ll be able to tweak it a bit, but you won’t have as many choices as you do before the video goes live. So, in this article, we are going to clarify how you edit the TikTok video after posting the right way.

How To Edit a TikTok Video After Posting

Can you edit a tiktok after posting? Before stepping into the main points, I should let you know that you just can’t edit many of the visual effects on the TikTok videos once you’ve posted or it goes live. However, you will be able to do minor changes to fix captions in your videos.

How To Edit Captions on TikTok

Due to some exceptions, It’s not possible for anyone to do significant changes in TikTok video after it’s live online, and this contains the power to edit video captions too. Nonetheless, In case you catch the typo or different errors along with your caption before the video gets live then, you’ll be able to simply fix the problem by uploading the very same video onto your profile again.

Go to your profile by clicking the icon displaying on the bottom of your mobile screen. As soon as there, select the video you wish to change and leave it open on your phone. Now, tap on the three dots icon over to the top right corner of the profile, then select Save Video from the listing of options. This will save the video, along with your Music, effects, and all other things right to your smartphone.

After the video got saved, go back to the primary display in the TikTok app and choose the Add New Video option to start creating a brand new video. As an alternative of getting to recreate your TikTok, however, select Upload option to the right of the record button, then choose your video from the list of choices. This lets you immediately upload your original TikTok video, while additionally giving this “new” video a new caption too.

The video stays the same, with the small change that your downloaded copy briefly contains your TikTok username within the upper-left corner. In any other case, all the things from your Music to your effects to your edits stay intact, allowing you to change the caption in your video while retaining all the pieces.

It’s generally not possible to edit a live or posted video the way you prefer, so making a new video might be more straightforward than editing. Delete the video that you’re unhappy with, look for the unedited version of the video in your gallery, and add the desired effects before posting – just do it right this time.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Choose the Profile Icon from the main menu.
  • Choose the desired video.
  • Add new effects.
  • Post the alternative video.

How To Edit TikTok Videos?

TikTok has many options to edit videos included in the app itself. You might not require to take help from other apps, particularly in case you are a TikTok beginner.

Step 1: Before you begin, just remember to have a TikTok app on your phone. Follow steps given below to start editing TikTok videos.

Step 2: Open the TikTok app and Tap on the plus “+” icon on the lower centre of the main app screen. A video camera will start. You can see many options to add filters to do video editing.

Step 3: You can see a music option on the top of the display screen—select Music or dialogues of your choice for lip sync. Now, simply tap on Music and choose the Music. Music will run in the background, and you simply have to lip-sync or carry out the act.

Step 4: Once you record the video, TikTok gives you extra options like Trim video, apply filters, adjust volume, put stickers, write something, effects, and sounds. Edit the video and tap on the “Next” button.

Step 5: Write an outline, mention Hashtags (non-compulsory), or tag your folks(non-compulsory) and just hit on “Post” button.

How To Add Text Into Your TikTok Videos?

Besides, the app lets you control the playback speed of the video, apply effects and filters or activate the Beauty mode before you start shooting a video. As we already know you cannot record a video longer than 60 seconds with TikTok, so after you record your comedy sketch or create a music video, you’ll be able to apply voice or sound effects, stickers, filters, and visual effects or add text layers.

Each video you create with TikTok is unique, which means that you have to try out unique options to get the most out of the frames you record with this app. Adding in, you can trim videos that are longer than 15 seconds, and you can adjust the volume of a video’s original sound or the volume of the soundtrack that you are using.

The amount of video and audio editing tools TikTok provides to its users can limit the options during the video editing process. Still, you can quickly solve this problem by tapping on the Upload button that is settled in the bottom right corner of the Shooting page.

This cool option lets you use a video editing app that offers more advanced video editing tools to turn your videos into a masterpiece before you upload them to TikTok. Once you are done with the editing tool, you can add the description of the video and choose if you want to enable reactions, comments or give your followers the option to create duets.

This process will allow you to to edit your videos on TikTok and upload it with ease. If you need more editing, then you should use third-party video editing apps that I’m going to share with you further.

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Third-Party Video Editing Apps With More Features

If the editing tools offered by TikTok can’t allow you to create the video you need, you possibly can try other alternative video editing apps with more exciting features and visual effects. You could find many such apps on the Google Play Store (for Android phones) or the App Store (for iOS phones).


how to edit your tiktok videos after posting Inshot

Inshot is one of the most popular apps for editing Tiktok videos. It lets you do some pretty amazing video edits using its features like speed up or slow down videos, add music and filters, and more.

Best features of InShot

• Video Cutter, Trimmer & Splitter

Inshot lets you cut and trim your video to any length as per your requirements. You can also use it to split the video into two parts or several short clips. With the help of the Inshot app, you can easily export your video in HD quality also.

• Video Merge & Join

By using the video merge and join tool, you can merge multiple videos into a single video for your TikTok and other social media platforms.

• Video Background & Ratio

In the Inshot app, you can make changes to the Aspect Ratio of your videos and insert background and border colors to them, even you can blur the background using the Blur option.

• Video Filters and Effects

The most primary things we all need in a video editor are filters and effects. Inshot app lets you add video filters and video effects and adjust brightness, contrast, and other basic color correction to your video.

• Music

Inshot app lets you add featured music in the videos for free from the app itself, or you can use your music in the videos as well.

• Speed

As we mentioned above Inshot app lets you fast forward or slow down the video speed.

• Text & Sticker

You can also use text and stickers to express something specific in the video.

InShot adds its small watermark at the bottom of edited videos, but you can easily remove it by buying the pro version. Also, some of the filters are paid and can be unlocked for $10/year.


how to edit your tiktok videos after posting Timbre

Timbre’s most used feature is its ability to string together multiple videos. The interface of this app is simple and easily understandable. All you need to do is open the app, select the required option and the app will do the rest of the work for you.

Best features of Timber

• Audio & Video Cutter

Timber lets you quickly cut videos or songs with the help of its high-quality audio/video cutter. You get almost every file format support like mp4, mp3, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more.

• Audio & Video Joiner

The Timber app lets you join or merge video or audio files. Timber is the best app to merge video or audio files.

• Audio & Video Converter

Timbre is way far ahead than a video editor. It converts audio and video into selected formats. No matter what file you want to convert to what, audio or video – this tool will get it done for you.

• Video to Audio

This app lets you remove audio from the video and save it for future use.

• Video to GIF

This app can also convert videos to GIF animated files with just one click.

• Audio/Video Splitter

You can split a single long video or audio into two parts or several short clips with this tool.

• Audio/Video Speed Changer

speeding up audio or making slow-motion videos are trending these days. And to add this to your own, you can use this super easy tool by Timber.

Timber doesn’t take much time to produce well-stitched videos for you. The only disadvantage with Timbre is that it doesn’t let you preview the files before downloading. You have to get everything right in one go, otherwise, you have to redo everything from scratch.


how to edit tiktok caption after posting Funimate

Funimate is another amazing video editing app that is becoming popular these days. With bizarre effects and excellent transitions, it’s one of the magnificent editors for TikTok. You can play around with a ton of sounds and effects and you can even insert custom stickers to your video.

Best features of Funimate

• Video Effects

In the Funimate app, you can find above 100 advance video effects which are quite amazing.

• Add Music

With the Funimate app, you can add your favorite music to the video and make short video clips with music.

• Emoji, Stickers & Text

Like all other apps to edit TikTok videos, the Funimate app also has a feature to add a sticker, emoji, and text to the videos.

• Collab Videos

Funimate lets you make a collab video without much hassle. You can easily edit a collab video with this app.

• Video Merge, Cut & Trim

Funimate is a classic TikTok video editing app that has all the required features that should be available in a video editor, like merging, trimming, cutting and editing videos.

• Create Short Videos

The length of the videos is limited to different social media platforms. Funimate lets you edit the video that is a perfect match for editing short videos you create for your TikTok.

The only disadvantage of Funimate is its infrastructure which is a bit gauche. But its amazing effects will make you ignore this small issue. Funimate app comes with an adequate collection of effects. You can have this app in your smartphone without any cost but like other Android apps to edit TikTok Videos, you have to pay a decent amount of $7/month to get access to all of its features

Funimate Video Editor & Maker
Funimate Video Editor & Maker
Developer: AVCR Inc.
Price: Free+


how to edit tiktok text after posting Vizmato

If you are searching for an app that blends the amazing features of InShot and beautiful effects of the Funimate app, then Vizmato will be a great choice. This app lets you trim and cut your present videos. Also, you can merge multiple short clips.

Best features of Vizmato

• Video Editor

With the help of the Vizmato app, you can cut, trim and edit multiple short clips to create a long beautiful video. You also get the options to add text, filters, themes, visual effects, and background music to give a nice touch to your TikTok video. There is an amazing tool available in this app that helps you to play your videos in reverse.

• Slideshow Maker

The slideshow maker tool helps you to convert photos to videos. After making slideshow you can also insert theme and a piece of music to the video you created.

• Video FX

The video FX tool has more than 40 visual effects present that will jazz up your video.

• Filters & Themes

The Vizmato app contains more than 20 visual filters and themes that give you a perfect combination of Visual Filters with music to give your video the right aesthetic.

• Video & GIF Recorder

You can also record Videos and GIF using the recorder tool. Isn’t it amazing? With this app, you can also use a wide range of filters and themes while recording video or GIF. There is also an option to adjust the pace of the motion while recording.

• Music

This app lets you choose from featured music tunes for free.

• Audio FX

This is the coolest feature of the Vizmato app, you can modulate your voice as a Chipmunk, Baby, and more.

• Watch Videos

You can register yourself by making an account there. You can explore and watch the videos created by other users of the app.

The best thing about this app is that you can access all the basic features without paying anything, but for a few special features, you have to pay. Again, some audio tracks are paid but you can be unlocked by paying a decent amount of $1.50 (for a pack) per month. Here, the good thing is that you can listen to the tracks before buying the pack.

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can you edit a tiktok after posting BeeCut

BeeCut is an all-in-one video editor with a simple interface. This program lets you enhance your Tik Tok video by using its powerful video editing functions. These include adding filters, transitions, text and much more. Furthermore, BeeCut offers powerful functions that are perfectly created for making stunning videos. The program supports different aspect ratios, such as 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 3:4, etc. which you can use on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Best features of BeeCut

• Video Cut & Trim

BeeCut app lets you cut a video by frame and delete unnecessary intro or outro from the video with just one click.

• Filters

BeeCut app offers a lot of crafted filters that can be used to create a high-quality movie vlog easily.

• Transitions

BeeCut app provides a ton of vivid transitions allowing you to convert your photos into video fast by applying them randomly.

• Create Short Videos

You can customize the length of photos as you want to. After batch changing the length of photos, you can share your masterpiece on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

• Full HD Support

BeeCut app support outputting your work with 1080p, 720p and 480p. So that viewers should have a great experience while watching your masterpiece.

BeeCut app is specially designed for video editing beginners! Anyone can use it to create a unique and stunning video instantly without much hazel. The app interface is simple and easy to understand, you just have to do a few clicks to make a short video.

Using some other video editing app may help you create something different and leave other TikTok users amazed, questioning how you probably did it. With just a little practice, you’ll by no means feel the necessity to edit a posted TikTok video ever again!

Get It Right The First Time You Post A TikTok Video

Editing your TikTok videos after posting them will leave you with fewer choices than what you actually want. You’ll be able to change captions and add some basic effects. However, there isn’t a lot you can do. That’s why it’s important that you simply get the video right before you post it on your TikTok.

What video editing apps do you use to enhance your TikTok videos, and what makes them better than other apps out there in the market? Let us know about your favourites in the comments section below. Share this article with your friends, and check out our other posts for latest tech content.

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