Can’t Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account – How To Fix

Can't Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account
Can't Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account

A lot of people are having issues with Twitch Prime. One of the most common issues is this Can’t Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account Error. If you’re trying to enable Twitch Prime on your account but keep getting the Can’t enable Twitch Prime on your account error, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue.

Can't Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account

What Are The Reasons For Twitch Prime Account Errors

There are many different reasons for a Twitch Prime account error but here are the most common ones:

  • Your payment method has been declined.
  • You have entered the wrong email address.
  • The account is currently locked or suspended.
  • You are using the wrong Amazon market for your location.
  • Your payment details are invalid or outdated.
  • You have already used the free or trial period subscription.
  • You have already used your Twitch Prime code and it has expired.

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How To Fix Can’t Enable Twitch Prime On Your Account Error

Before we get into it, you should know that this only seems to be happening on accounts that aren’t verified with Amazon Prime first before being verified as part of Twitch Prime.

#1 Sign Up For Twitch Prime With The Right Region

The solution is available to users in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and Japan.

Residents of other areas need to first cancel their current Prime subscription before they can sign up for Prime Video.

1. Go to the Amazon marketplace as per your region and Sign up for Prime.

2. Disable the Auto-renewal option and cancel your membership for the incorrect region.

3. Go to Twitch Prime and select your country.

4. Sign Up for Twitch Prime.

5. Enter the Login credentials.

6. Log in to and claim your Twitch Prime benefits by clicking on the crown.

1. Go to and sign in to your Amazon Prime account.

2. Click on Activate Twitch Prime after you’re redirected back to the homepage.

3. You’ll be able to see which accounts are linked. If the correct Amazon and Twitch accounts are mentioned, click on Confirm.

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#3 Verify Credit Card Details On Amazon Prime

1. Go to your Amazon Prime account Settings.

2. Select the Manage Payment option.

3. Click on the drop-down and click on Edit to update Credit Card details.

4. Set a Credit Card as your preferred payment method for Amazon Prime.

5. Select the correct country under Manage Your Content and Devices.

6. Update the Billing address on your card same as the address on your Prime account.

#4. Your Twitch Prime Trial Period Is Over

If you still can’t enable Twitch Prime on your account, this is most likely due to the expiration of your trial period. To activate twitch account and enjoy it further, you must purchase a premium membership. Here’s how you can go about it:

1. Go to Prime Gaming and select Try Prime.

2. Select your country and click Confirm.

3. Click Continue and Sign in to your Amazon account.

4. Now, follow the prompts to finish the membership Sign up procedure.

How to Cancel Prime Membership Subscription?

In order to cancel a Twitch Prime membership just follow the steps given below:

1. Open the Twitch app.

2. Log into your Twitch account.

3. Go to the Settings menu.

4. Navigate to the Connections tab to view all the accounts that are linked to your profile.

5. Click the Disable button and select Confirm to remove Amazon Prime from your Twitch account.

Wrapping Up

Overall, this is a simple process that does not take long to complete. Fix it before you are forced to cancel your subscription and then learn how to fix the problem. It should not take too long for the Twitch Prime account. You can just follow our steps above and fix the Twitch Prime account.


Is Twitch Prime different than Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a premium Twitch experience that comes with Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscriptions. Amazon simply renamed Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming, but all of the features remain the same.

How do I activate Amazon Prime on Twitch?

In order to activate Amazon Prime on Twitch, you need to connect your and Amazon Prime accounts.

Is Twitch Prime free with Amazon Prime?

Twitch Prime is already free if you have an Amazon Prime membership. To get your free Twitch Prime subscription, you must connect your and Amazon Prime accounts.

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