How To Use Gmail Without Phone Number

Now, if you wish to create an e-mail in Gmail will be required to confirm the phone number activation code. For individuals who simply want one e-mail account might not be an issue. However, for many who want to create a couple of accounts or e-mail clone makers really feel a bit of difficulty with the rule. Often they outsmart by buying many mobile phone numbers (SIM Card). Additionally, you possibly can create e-mail without phone number verification.

Fortunately for you, there are still some ways to bypass this and create a new Gmail without using your phone number. If you don’t want to enter your phone number for some reason, you could use one among these options.

How Can I Use Gmail Without Phone Number?

There are several methods you possibly can use to create a Gmail account without verification. One of the best ways to do that is through the Gmail app because irrespective of how you sign up, you’ll be able to give a phone number for verification. Another approach is to enter your age as 15, as Gmail will assume you don’t have your personal phone number yet.

Remember the fact that although these steps do work, sometimes if you sign in to a different laptop or computer, or in case you sign in for a second time, the Gmail app will ask you for your phone number to verify. To keep away from this, add one other e-mail for verification before you sign-in again, so it will probably ask for that e-mail. Add another e-mail with age being 15 – and now you are good to go!

When all the above things don’t work, you should use a phone number duping software program. This way, Gmail has a phone number that isn’t yours. The steps you need to use to sign up for Gmail without using a phone number are given below.

Create A Gmail On Your Android And IOS Device

You probably have an Android or iOS device, and you can create a new Gmail account using those devices through the ‘Settings’ app. This way, you possibly can bypass Google asking you for your phone number. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Settings app” from the app menu.

2. Search for the “Accounts” menu (or Clouds & Accounts, it depends on the system version).

How Can I Create A Gmail Account Without Verification

3. Now, tap “Accounts” and choose “Add Account” on the bottom of the list.

4. Select Google from the list. A Google screen will open.

how can i create gmail without phone number

5. Click on “Create account” on the bottom left of the screen.

can you create gmail account without phone number

6. Enter your first and last name and tap the ‘Next’ button.

7. Now, Add your gender and date of birth and tap ‘Next’.

8. Select a new Gmail address from the suggestions, or just make your own.

9. Set a password for your Gmail account.

10. Google will ask if you wish to add a phone number.

11. Click on either ‘Skip’ to bypass this step, or click on ‘More options’.

is it possible to create gmail account without phone number

12. In case you click ‘More options,’ now you can choose to put in a phone number.

13. Select ‘No, do not add my phone number’.

14. Now it’s going to ask to review your account information, click on ‘next’

15. Accept the Terms of Service.

After this, you won’t have to add any additional info. You can use your new e-mail and also you won’t have to verify any phone numbers.

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Set Your Age Under 15

This is another helpful trick to bypass phone number verification. In case you’re 15 years or younger, Google would assume that you simply don’t have a mobile phone of your own. You’ll simply need to set up a different birth year. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

can we create gmail account without phone number

1. Open your browser, and Go to Gmail.

2. Tap on the ‘Create account’ option at the bottom of the display screen.

3. Select ‘For Myself’ or ‘For Business’.

4. Enter your account info and a new e-mail address, and ‘Click on ‘Next’.

5. Set your birth year to 15 years before the current. For instance, if its 2019, you must set your birth year to 2004.

6. Leave the phone bar blank.

7. Agree to terms and conditions.

This does work; however, be sure you keep your age below 18 or ask you for a mobile number in the future. Additionally, if you wish to add a security option like one other e-mail, create another e-mail where you’re below 15 and add that one as an alternative.

NOTE: This feature will only work when you sign out of your other Gmail accounts. In case you don’t, it won’t ask your birthday and assume your birthday is similar to your previous e-mails. You can also use another browser.

Use A Dummy Number

A dummy number is an online service that you should use to verify your accounts through phone numbers. You can use one of many phone numbers from these websites as an alternative to your personal number.

Then, Gmail will send a verifying key to this number, and you’ll be capable of reading it and typing it in to verify the account.

List of websites:

  • Sellaite
  • On Verify
  • Receive SMS Now
  • SMS Receive Free
  • Free SMS Verification

Remember the fact that you’ll be able to use this mobile number only once. So, if you set your mobile number to be your only recovery option, you may completely lose your e-mail account.

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Though including your phone number to your Gmail account has several advantages, if you’re having issues with the above-listed steps, there are some things to think about trying.

Assuming you have a mobile number but don’t need it connected to your Gmail, you can possibly remove it within the settings as soon as the account is set up.

1. First, go to your account settings.

2. Click on your profile icon within the upper right-hand nook.

3. Click on ‘Manage Your Google Account’ then click on ‘Personal Information’ located on the left-hand side.

4. As soon as there, you can click on the trash can to remove your mobile number.

Things To Consider While Creating A Gmail Account

1. Make sure you’re name, and username are legitimate

  • Google launched mobile number verification to maintain robots and spammers from creating accounts. For those who’re using “Imrobot462” as a username, the above-listed techniques could not work.

2. Ensure that you’re following the above-listed steps

  • Many users have reported that these strategies aren’t working for them. It might be as simple as scrolling down and choosing ‘Skip’ from the phone number page.


Adding your mobile number to your Gmail account provides safety, and Google doesn’t sell your private information. If you don’t have a phone number or don’t wish to use yours, the above options will be just right for you.

So, these are some methods to get a free Gmail account without doing phone number verification. You may face some issues sometimes because of the frequent updates of Google guidelines. If you have any questions related to this post, let us know in the comments below. Share this post with your friends and check out our other posts for the latest How-To-Guides and tech content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

⭐ Can I create multiple Gmail accounts with one phone number?

Sure, In case you’re signing up with a real number, you can use it several times to sign up for different Gmail accounts. In case you are using one of the many spoofed techniques we’ve listed above, you might not be able to use that mobile number multiple times.

⭐ Is mobile number mandatory for Gmail account?

If you wish to create a brand new Gmail account, Google might ask you for a phone number verification. This was not compulsory earlier, but recently Google has made it mandatory.