How To Type Cent Symbol (¢) On Computer & Mobile


The cent (¢) symbol is mostly used when you write something about U.S. currency to mention a certain amount of cents. Usually, the cent symbol is used when you are mentioning an amount that is less than $1. I know a lot of you guys don’t know how to type the cent sign on the computer.

But, don’t worry you can type a cent symbol on most of the computers that are running on Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, or Linux, you can also find cent symbols on Android and iOS smartphone keyboards. So, today I am mentioning here how you can type a cent symbol on a computer and smartphone.


How To Type The Cent Symbol On Your Computer

Cent Sign and Unicode

A cent is a monetary unit that equals 1⁄100 of the basic monetary unit. Whenever someone wants to mention a figure that is less than $1, they use the cent sign. The cent sign is mostly used when you are making a price list or referring to the price of any product on websites, advertisements, etc. For Example, 62 cents can also be written as 62¢ or $0.62. There are other currencies also that can be written in this form, such as Mexican centavos.

Cent Sign Alt Code Number
¢ 0162
Cent Sign Unicode Number
¢ ¢

People usually like to refer cent sign using a clean cent symbol rather than using a cent-to-dollar conversion. The common problem with computers and laptops is that the cent symbol is not available on their keyboards. This means you cannot type the cent sign directly from the keyboard of your computer or laptop.

The cent symbol is a part of Unicode. Unicode is an international information technology standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of characters expressed in the majority of writing systems. The Unicode helps in representing characters in a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

Cent Symbol on Microsoft Windows

In most Microsoft Windows programs, you can type the cent sign using the Alt code. It means while holding the Alt key type the numeric code using the numeric keys on your keyboard.

The Alt code for entering the cent symbol is 0612, so you have to type the 0612 code on your keyboard while holding the Alt Key to enter a cent symbol.

If you don’t know or somehow forget the code of the cent symbol or any other symbol, you just need to access the Windows Character Map utility. To open the Windows Character Map utility, click on the Start Menu and type Character Map in the search box, and click on the result that pop-up. You can search for the symbols by scrolling, or you can type the name of the desired symbol into the search box to find it.

Now, you can copy the symbol into your computer or laptop clipboard and paste it wherever you want to mention that specific symbol.

If you don’t want to hassle this much, just type the name of the desired symbol in any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing and copy and paste the sign from there.

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Cent Symbol on Apple macOS

As it is complex mentioning the cent sign in Microsoft Windows, it is a lot easier to type the cent sign in Apple macOS. You can quickly type a cent symbol using a simple keyboard shortcut on Apple macOS. You just need to press the number 4 key on the keyboard while holding on to the option key. The number 4 key also has the Dollar($) sign, which helps you in remembering that this key is also associated with U.S. currency.

If you don’t know or somehow forget the cent symbol or any other symbol shortcut in Apple macOS. You can use Apple’s in-built Character Viewer, which helps you in Inserting the symbol. To open the Character Viewer, hold the Command key and press the Space Bar where you want to add the sign.

You can search for the desired symbol by scrolling through the menu list, or you can just type the name of the symbol into the search box to find and add it. If you want to use or reuse any symbol, just open the Character Viewer again or copy and paste the symbol.

Cent Symbol on Linux

If you have a Linux system and you don’t know how to type the cent symbol or any other symbol. You can take the help of Character Map to find the cent sign or any different symbol font available on your Linux system. After you find the desired symbol, just copy and paste it.

You can also type the cent sign or any other symbol in Linux by entering the Unicode directly while holding the Ctrl + Shift and pressing the ‘U’ key.

Cent Symbol on Smartphones

The default virtual keyboards in Android and iOS smartphones already have a cent sign available.

To access the cent symbol or other currency symbols on Android and iOS virtual keyboards, just press and hold on the Dollar $ key on the keyboard. Tap on the cent sign or any other currency desired symbol.

So, this is how you can type cent symbol on your computer, laptop, and smartphone. Let us know in the comments below which method works for you and do share this post with your friends so they can also use these methods.

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