WhatsApp Adds Call Waiting Feature On Android

The popular smartphone messaging service WhatsApp has had to call support for quite some time now. But, for some weird reason, the company had not added support for important calling features such as call waiting and holding.

Now, that seems to be changing, WhatsApp is adding ‘Call Waiting’ support to the smartphone app on Android devices so if you’re already on a WhatsApp call and you get another in-app call in the background, you will get notified of it and you can choose to answer or reject the call from the notification. As great as this change is, it’s really surprising that there is still no support for putting an ongoing call on hold, which means if you choose to answer a waiting call, the other call will automatically get disconnected.

That seems like a fairly obvious slip-up on WhatsApp’s part, but at least now you get to know if someone calls you while you are on another call. Before this feature had rolled out for the Android devices, if someone called you while you were busy on another call, you would not be notified of it, and the caller will just hear the phone ring and then get disconnected after a while, which can look rude, especially if it’s someone important to you. With this new update, the company is hoping to solve at least a part of that problem, although the ability to hold calls should’ve been included as well.

Anyway, the ‘Call Waiting’ feature will be available on WhatsApp v2.19.352 and above for consumers, and WhatsApp for Business v2.19.128 for businesses. The ‘Call Waiting’ feature is also available on the latest beta for the chat application.

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